Rest In Peace, Sister Hope Therese!

On January 19, 2020, at 1:37 am, God called Sr. Hope Therese Angeline, O,Carm. to her eternal reward. Sister was 33 years old. We deeply mourn her loss and we share in the sorrows of those she left behind- her parents, sister Melissa, nephews, Carmelite Sisters, and those whose lives she touched at the places where she was missioned.  Sister Hope was a poetic soul and expressed her love of God and her journey to God in words of joy, longings, sufferings and love reflected in her poems.  You can read and meditate on some of them from the following links below:

Mother Angeline Teresa

Sr. Hope Therese

One characteristic of Mother Angeline that I especially admire is her courage.  She left the security and happiness with the little sisters because she felt called to serve the elderly in a different way.  She did not know if her order would succeed or not.  She had complete faith and trust in God’s providence and wisdom.  With any vocation, there are difficulties, struggles, and roadblocks.  If you get through these it leads to greater affirmation of God’s will for you.  To get through hard times and persevere in God’s plan for you, you need courage.  I am amazed by Mother’s strong faith that gave her the courage to carry out a vision that was radical for its time.  God has a plan for everyone.  Even when things are rough, they will get better.  No bad time lasts forever.   The hard road is the narrow gate that will lead us to the kingdom of God.  Mother Angeline understood all of this.  She never gave up on God’s plan for her even when things set her back.  We, her daughters, need to remember this on our vocational journey.  If Mother Angeline could persevere in a changing vocation, we can persevere in a steady one.  We have nothing to fear with such a courageous foundress as our mother, protector and guide.

Th Singing Heart

By Sr. HopeTherese

The Lord has consecrated me
To help deaf hear and blind to see
I will repeat what needs to be said
Or tell you what I see up ahead
If my heart could talk it would bless every deed
That I can do for all those who are in need
My mouth can talk, joke, or sing with you
If you are lonely and feeling blue
If you are scared or confused and shed a tear
I can tell you that there is nothing to fear
If my heart could talk if would tell you how glad
I am to be comfort to those who are sad
My hands I can give to those to hold
Who have feelings that need not be told
To those who can no longer stride
My feet will give you a quick ride
If my heart could talk it would tell the bliss
Of such a joyful and humble service
With every good thing that I have got
I can be to those what they have not
I can ever joyful and happy be
Because no one can take my Lord from me
The most precious treasure is God's son
The best gift I can give anyone
If my heart could talk it would surely sing
The praises of Lord Jesus Christ our King
If my heart could sing it would sing the song
Of how God showed me just where I belong