by Sr. Lois Wetzel, O.Carm

The postulants have settled into St. Patrick's Manor and are all enjoying their mission placements.  The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, in following the tradition of care established by their foundress Mother Angeline Teresa, are committed to caring for the needs of the whole person.  The postulants are having many opportunities to participate in our mission of wholistic resident care as can be seen by the diverse ways they are serving the residents in their mission placements.

Sr. Dianna, an occupational therapy aide by training,  is enjoying working in the Activity department.  The purpose of the Activity Department is to provide residents with many meaningful ways to use their leisure time.  Activities are diverse and designed to appeal to a wide variety of personalities, interests and abilities. Sr. Dianna has been participating in a wide range of daily activities such as exercise, crafts, bingo and parties, just to name a few!

Sr. Maureen, a speech language pathologist, is working with the Restorative Nursing department whose goal is to help residents to achieve and maintain their highest level of functioning.  Sr. Maureen is enjoying her experience and has used her expertise as a speech therapist in the restorative feeding program.

 Sr. Cathie has worked with the Occupational Therapist and is currently assigned to working with the Physical Therapist.   Sr. Cathie reports that the experience has been "fantastic".  "The therapists treat the residents with such kindness and patience.  They bring their knowledge to situations to help the residents reach their highest potential.  I have learned so much from them".  Sr. Cathie has worked in nursing facilities in the capacity of a psychosocial aide and states that she loves working with the elderly.  She also participates in resident activities.

Sr. Heather is a pharmacist by training.  She has been working with the Infection Control nurse to insure that practices in the facility promote the safety and well-being of our residents.  She participates in Infection Control rounds and audits, education of staff members and helping to prepare audit reports.  Sr. Heather also distributes Holy Communion on the units and in Chapel, as well as visits residents.


  1. used to be an lpn and one of the greatest blessing ever was working with the elderly.
    it was also the most interesting and many
    times the most fun.

  2. Seeing these joyful Sisters and hearing about your precious work is like visiting a beautiful flower garden. Each flower is vibrant and unique and the entire garden is so full of lovliness and God's grace. Thank you so much for sharing and my prayers are always with you! Jo Ellen Maring

  3. Reading about the postulants and their talents and passions that they are sharing with the Carmelite Mission makes me reflect on being part of any community in life. The success of any community is so reliant of the members of the body; the foot, the hand, the ear, the eye, the nose. Prayers for their journey!!