What An Exciting Day!

October 13th was the day designated for our Novices to receive their first visit from their families after they received the Carmelite habit.  Sr. Hope Therese and Sr. Luke Mary were thrilled to have their loved ones come that day and to spend some extra special time with them.  It was also a special time for the Sisters to meet their "extended family" and to share lunch with them.  Thankfully, the day was as perfect as could be, for a little ground walking and picture taking.  Avila was at its finest that day!

Sr. Hope Therese with  Mom ( Jo Ellen Maring)

Sr. Hope Therese with Mom and Dad.  A beautiful portrait of St. Therese was given to Sr. Hope by her sister Melissa.
The Maring Family
Sr. Luke Mary's family
Sr. Luke Mary's sister and brother.

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