Article: The Carmelite Vocation

by Thomas Mcginnis, O.Carm

We often read in books and hear in lectures about the various schools of spirituality within the Catholic Church. We are told, for example, that the Dominican school is distinguished by its emphasis upon the intellectual element in the spiritual life; the Franciscan school, by a similar emphasis upon the affective element. The existence of such schools may at first sight appear strange; yet serious consideration will tell us that the oft-quoted words of St. Augustine apply not only to individual souls, but as well to individual religious orders, individual pious congregations, individual nations: “some follow this path; others, another”. READ MORE

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  1. Mary Dimond (formerly Sr. Noel Holy Angels)6/11/2014 6:01 PM

    Sr. Kevin Patrici and Sr Ann with the flowers was beautiful, smiles were reflective of their love for God and the Community. Would love to see Sr. Ambrose, Sr. Bernadine, and Sr. Michael Joseph or are they camera shy?