Surprise Dinner for Senior Novices!

A flurry of activities descended upon our main kitchen one afternoon when Sr. Pia Ignatius, Sr. Julie Michael, with the help of their Novice Director Sr. Cyril Methodius, and Vocation Director, Sr. Maria Therese- planned, executed and delivered- a surprise dinner for the Senior Novices who will be professing First Vows on October 4th and will henceforth be on their way to their respective Missions.  As the line goes, a photo is worth a thousand words!

                                                                Sr. Cyril surprised by the camera!

                                                              Sr. Maria Therese busy at the wheel.

                                                                          Sr. Julie Michael

                                                                           Sr. Pia Ignatius

                                               Sr. Ambrose making sure everything is just right!

                                                                           A job well done!
                                                          Our soon to be Newly Professed Sisters!

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