A Different Santa!

                             Formation Team: L-R: Sr. Maria Therese, "Santa" Sr. Lois Ann & Sr. Cyril

by Sr. Maria Therese, O.Carm.

This could only happen to our Formation Team on the rare occasion that the Sisters go out together! Last Saturday evening was a unique experience!  Sr. Cyril, Sr. Lois and I went out for  a belated Feast day celebration. You'll never guess who we ran into? Yes, that's right! An eco-friendly Santa with lots of helpers on bikes! It is not every day that you run into Santa! God bless him and all his helpers as they headed out  with presents for the kids at the homeless shelter in Kingston, NY.  Santa and his helpers truly blessed us that cold night with the warmth of their kindness!


  1. Love it! Always a surprise with you ladies!

  2. I think it is so cool that the nuns are enjoying themselves and that Santa looks really cute and funny!