Reflections on Second Sunday of Lent

Photo Courtesy: Google Image Search: The Tansfiguration

by Sister Philomena Anne of Divine Mercy, O.Carm.

As I reflect on the three readings for this Second Sunday of Lent, I recognized similarities in them.  They talk of God's calling.  He called Abraham and Jesus and manifested His will for them.  Each responded to His call with faith and obedience.  God still calls all of us to follow His will in each of our lives.  We need to have the same desire to follow in obedience and faith in God's will given to us personally.  There will be hardships in our lives whether that call is to religious life, marriage or the single life.  One may have hardships with one's co-workers, one's boss, or maybe even have disagreements with one's fellow Sisters in her religious community.  People may say "you are crazy!" in doing what we desire to do out of free will.  Yes, it is true that we have a free will, given to us by God as a gift.  We need to realize that we only have one life to live.  We need to have faith and obedience in the call God has for us.  We do not know how this call will turn out, or predict the hardships we will face.  Despite the hardships though that will follow, and the flack we get from others and the world, I will try to remember that God is with us on the path He has chosen for us.  He will give us the grace of  perseverance in our journey towards our permanent home in heaven with Him.

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