A SISTER'S PAGE: A Prayerful Reflection

A Week of Silence, Prayer and Reflection
With Spiritual Direction
Blessings, difficulties, changes and growth
                Were an affirmation
In silence God’s voice I heard
                With his love and affection
Which drew me closer to God
                With every prayer and aspiration
A week of rest and prayer
                Were an inspiration
When down the mountain I climb
                To those I touch
Let me be an Inspiration
To those who may be in desolation (complete loneliness)
                And mystification (confusion, memory loss)
As I bring your love to those
                Who need your sanctification (God’s will)
And even help with intervention
                May my life be lived with
                                Compassion and consolation.  Amen.

Sr. M. Michelle of All Saints Moore, O.Carm.
Directed Retreat April 23 - 30, 2017 


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