The Waterfall

                                                             Photo courtesy: Google

 (in the woods behind the tennis court at Avila) 

For years I've come to the waterfall,
Where I often heard God's call.
During Fall, Winter or Spring,
I'm there with fallen leaves and trees,
Feeling God's breeze.

I'm there in the rainfall or the snowfall,
The water flowing fast as a football,
Or slow because of an icefall.

My time at the waterfall
 brings contemplation,
It can last until the nightfall,
As I sit and pray at the waterfall.

This year there was no waterfall.
Branches and trees had covered
 the stream where water did flow.
One could only see a stream of water,
that glistened and stayed still,
which made one feel His Fill.

Although there is no waterfall,
One can sit and dream and hope that
it will flow downstream,
or even a tide water stream.

The waterfall is a memory that 
one will always remember.

Sr. M. Michelle of All Saints Moore, O.Carm.

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  1. Beautiful Sr. Michelle. Thank you for sharing. Can I post this on my blog? http://lorianngig.blogspot.com/2017/05/the-ananias-society.html