Meditation on the Christmas Stable

by Sister Philomena Anne of Divine Mercy, O.Carm.

Our Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, was about to give birth to the Savior of all mankind.  Saint Joseph tried to find a place for them to stay but there was no room for them at any of the inns.  They, however, found a stable, and after giving birth to the Child Jesus, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and placed in a trough used by the animals to feed.

We all look forward to Christmas as we put up the decorations.  We look forward to the celebration of Our Lord and Savior on Christmas Day.  But how many of us, once Christmas is over, forget?  Christmas is never about the gifts.  It is about our Lord who was born in that stable.  During Advent, we should thank our Holy Mother Mary for saying Yes to the invitation from God to be the Mother of the Redeemer and thus bringing our Lord into the world.  He turns our hearts into a clean stable.  We should keep this stable open all the time and listen to what God's Son has to tell us, not just through Scripture readings leading up to Christmas, but all year round.  We need to all keep that image of the Holy Stable and create it in our hearts.  Our hearts will then be the inn that always keeps itself open to the Lord with plenty of room where we can visit.  We can talk to Him in silence an contemplation for years to come.

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