by Sr. M.  Cyril Methodius, O.Carm

Discernment is a process whereby one thoughtfully assesses and seriously thinks about a certain aspect in one’s life.  It can be a relationship, a decision about the future, employment, education, etc.

When one discerns he/she is undertaking a task that is a similar process to a person who is contemplating a major decision in his or her life.  Time is spent thinking about all the aspects, information is gathered and an assessment of all the facts are reviewed and studied in regard to one’s personal choice, circumstances and freedom.

Religious discernment is a process that utilizes all the above for a deeper awareness of one’s  personal gifts and how God wants them to be manifested in His Church and in today’s world.   This usually begins with more time set apart for prayer, quiet reflection and listening to what God is saying to you, during these times of silence and solitude.  It allows Him an opportunity to spend time with one, filling those empty or restless ‘spaces’ in us with His presence.

I recently read a passage that seems to fit here.  “….I am not the Lord of my life.  My life is not entirely within my control. …I have to learn to be a shepherd – to ‘lead’ my life, shape it and deal effectively with so many things that I did not plan.”  Become a shepherd of your life; not the Lord of your life.


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