Religious life is not just the pursuit of the holy and virtuous.  In fact, in reality, it is the pursuit of the holy and the virtuous in the midst of the ordinary.  This was the genius of Saint Therese- finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  So looking at these pictures below it is no wonder that the everyday is the best preparation for becoming a real Sister in the real world!

Sr. Ambrose and Postulant Sr. Heather working on a vocation project.
What a fine mess!

Snickerdoodle cookies for baking!

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  1. Now I just have to say ...(well you know I would say something!)...that I see Sister Heather is still living up to her nickname aka Sister Mary Troublemaker...and I'm so glad I bought Sister Dianna that honkin' black work apron, so she wouldn't get cinnamon stains all over her white blouse. Uh huh! Some things never change! Silly Sisters! ;)