Our four novices celebrated their first Thanksgiving Day in Carmel with much gratitude and excitement.
Sharing her first impression, Sr. Hope Therese has this to say: " It was beautiful. It really made me feel at home. The altar was beautiful; the tables were set up very nicely.  I missed my family but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  At this point, I’m really getting more attached to the Sisters. They’re becoming more and more like my own family."  Sr. Mary Catherine also shared the same sentiment with an added reflection on Thanksgiving Day's Eucharistic meaning for her. "My first Thanksgiving here was very exciting!  To see the combination of Eucharist, Mass, and the dinner we had with the Community, was very significant for me."  "I truly enjoyed my first thanksgiving in Carmel with my Sisters.  The turkey and all the trimmings were wonderful! The tables were beautiful and I really felt I was with my Carmelite family" added Sr. Maureen Paul.  Sr. Luke Mary was speechless and could only agree on what have been said so far!

(L to R:  Sr. Mary Catherine, Sr. Hope Therese, Sr. Maureen Paul, Sr. Luke Mary)

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  1. What can I say but....I hope your vocations will be as fruitful as that bounty in front of you!!! What a beautiful Thanksgiving picture of you all. Thank you so much for sharing! You are becoming such a loving Carmel family and I am so proud and happy for you all. God bless dear Sisters! ...and Hope Therese...if you didn't get enough to eat it's your own fault! ;) Love Mama Jo