The Novitiate is a time of learning.  Although religious formation is an ongoing process and does not stop even after one has professed religious vows, the novitiate is especially dedicated to an intense exploration of one's vocation, Scripture and Church documents studies, community life and prayer, and integrating the Rule and Constitutions of the Order to daily living.  An essential aspect of religious formation touches on work.

The Rule of Carmel says "You must have some sort of work to do, so that the devil may find you always occupied, lest because of your idleness he manage to find some way of entering into your soul.  In this you have the teaching and the example alike of the blessed apostle Paul, in whose mouth Christ spoke, who has been appointed and given by God as preacher and teacher of the nations in faith and truth; if you follow him you cannot go astray." (Rule of Carmel, Chapter 20)

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  1. Oh look and see how the beautiful flowers of Carmel can bloom in every garden, whether the garden of the chapel, the garden of the sewing room, the garden of the kitchen...it makes no difference, because their Beloved is always with them. Love, Mama Jo