by Sr. Mary Catherine Angeline, O.Carm.

Mary, our Mother and Sister, is a true gift to us in Carmel.  Throughout the centuries Carmelites have always been under her patronage.  In our Carmelite tradition as found in the Book of Kings and Carmelite liturgy, Mary was represented by the small and humble cloud appearing on the horizon to announce the end of the drought at the time of Elijah the prophet. She has always been the source of refuge and grace for all Carmelites.  She takes the place of model and intercessor for us and acts as guide on our journey to move ever closer to her Son Jesus.  As I begin my life in Carmel, I find this relationship with the Queen and Mother of Carmel, in living the interior life.  Trying to imitate Mary, who most assuredly always had her Son in her heart and mind, uniting her being to His, I search and strive to cultivate a spirit of prayer and recollection.  We are to be available to the Spirit of love in Community and wherever his Providence places us.   As we are conscious of our weaknesses and limitations, we implore daily her protection to heal and lift us up.  With a gaze of love directed towards her, we implore to accomplish all that God desires for each of us.  Through her hands, we ask for mediation to perfect our offerings to her Son for the world at large.  In this way, Love triumphs over suffering, as Christ triumphed over sin and death for the salvation of souls. 

Mary, Beauty of Carmel, pray for us.

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  1. Dear Sister Catherine Angeline, This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your love for our Blessed Mother and your interior life. God bless you always and may God's love always and everywhere triumph over suffering. I wish you all dear Sisters, a blessed Advent.