The Formation team and  four novices visited Hyde Park, New York on December 23rd for this year's display of nativity scenes from all over the world.  The location is called Mariapolis Illuminosa of the Focolare Movement.  The interesting  scenes of the birth of Christ depicted in different cultures certainly capture this one moment in history- a Child was born, not just to a particular race and nation, but as Savior of the world.


Sr. Luke points to a nativity scene painted on a framed leaf from India
Sr. Maureen Paul with Mexican display

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  1. I love this! This is so neat and what a great idea. Thank you for sharing the pictures too. It really makes me think about the great beauty and diversity of all the family of God, and the wonder of so many cultures and the way each expresses their love and faith in God. A little taste of heaven...and may I say it is delicious! Merry Christmas dear Sisters! Love and prayers, Mama Jo