It's that time again!  Here you see us getting our vegetable and flower seeds ready for starting our novitiate garden.  Spiritual tools used in Carmel are similar to gardening tools.  Preparing the soil of the garden is like preparing our souls for the Lord!   

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  1. I have to say thank you again and always to you Sister Helena for all these stories and pictures. You have no idea how much I realize how fortunate we are to be able to share your Carmelite joys, meditations and experiences. It's like a little window into heaven! Isn't gardening great though? Are you planting vegetables? I hope I get to see it all on our next visit! Just remember...everywhere you go...what you say...what you do...all little seeds. What do you really want to grow in the souls of others? Cast your little seeds, your virtues, your tenderness, compassion and joy. Let us all try to grow little images of Jesus and Mary in others for our graces must bloom and grow to fill the garden of heaven with souls! Amen! Love to you all, Mamma Jo and hey...if you ever need any cow manure fertilizer...you know who to ask! (to throw on the plants - not the people!)