June 14th was a wonderful time to celebrate! On this feast day of Elisha the prophet, two young women entered the Congregation!  Julie Corcoran is from Waterford, Virginia and is the eldest in a large family. She worked in data entry at a shipping company.   Rebeca Klohe is from Leonia, New Jersey.  She is an LPN and worked as an EMT.  Both Postulants participated in our Vocation Discernment Retreats and the Affiliate Program.

The Entrance Ceremony was presided by Father Ashley Harrington, O.Carm., and included an Act of Consecration to Our Lady.  The Postulants received the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel from Mother Mark Louis Anne, O.Carm., Superior General.   By wearing the scapular day and night, it becomes a sign of constant prayer and special dedication to the love and service of the Virgin Mary, Mother And Queen of Carmel.  The event was attended by the Avila Sisters who welcomed the new members with love and prayers.

Fr. Ashley Harrington, O.Carm

Mother Mark Louis Anne, Superior General


Sr. Lois Ann, O.Carm., Postulant Director

Sr. Rebeca Klohe & Sr. Julie Corcoran

Sr. Maria Therese, O.Carm., Vocation Director

(L-R): Sr. Luke, Sr. Maureen, Sr. Catherine, Sr. Hope, Sr. Rebeca, Sr. Julie

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  1. There they are!!! Yayyy! Welcome Sisters Rebeca and Julie. I am so happy for you and all the Sisters and so excited for you as you begin this beautiful journey of your religious vocation. God bless you every moment. I will pray that you don't have too much home sickness! I would like to share a quote with you from a beautiful old book I have from the Monastery of Saint Joseph and Saint Teresa, Discalced Carmelites, that I pray will launch you into the arms of the loving Sisters of Carmel with complete abandon. "To possess God in this world by grace and in the next by glory is the end of all Christian life; but we can say, nevertheless with truth, that the Religious life has a more particular and a more excellent end than the common life, because the soul who embraces it, having burst all earthly ties, renounces forever by the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, all her goods, her body and her will, and the employment of all the moments of her existence, not only in general but in particular. She belongs no longer to the earth but to heaven, no longer to time but to eternity, no longer to herself but to God. She takes God for the only end of all her thoughts, her words, and her actions. O life of Carmel! Where one lives more purely, falls more rarely and rises more promptly, walks more securely, receives the dews of divine grace more copiously, reposes more tranquilly, dies more happily, merits to be purified more promptly and to be recompensed more abundantly. What thanks should I not render Thee, O my most amiable Saviour, for having called me to a Religious Life where I can, even in this world, unite myself so intimately to Thee that I can live Thy life." There's more but you get the jist!!! I will pray for you and I hope to meet you this weekend when we come to visit. I will also pray for your families. God bless you! Mamma Jo (Sister Hope's Mom)