Cherry Picking!

The Postulants and Sr. Lois went cherry picking at one of the nearby farms near the Motherhouse.  The day was beautiful and the trees were laden with fruit.  The Postulants shared the harvest with the Sisters at home and all enjoyed the delicious home grown Hudson Valley cherries!

                                                                       Sister Julie

                                                                    Sister Rebeca
 Sister Lois Ann

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  1. This is fabulous! I used to pick cherries every year with my mother in law, Ethel Shoemaker. What wonderful memories! Now she grew up at Shoemaker orchards where they had all kinds of fruit and we always picked peaches and cherries together, however we climbed the trees - ladders were provided -and hung our plastic pails in the branches with wrought iron S hooks. Mom's favorite saying was..."If you don't get enough to eat it's your own fault"...in between spitting out cherry pits! I hope you had fun. You know Sister Hope will tell you, she was always totally useless when I took her strawberry or blackberry picking. She would sit down in the middle of the patch and stuff herself, making profuse stains on her face and clothes. On time when I was checking out from the strawberry farm, getting my berries weighed,... the owner took one look at strawberry stained and bloated Sister Hope (then Dianna who was about 5 years old) and said "Maybe I should weigh your daughter before you leave." Love and prayers, Mamma Jo