Thoughts About Saints

by Sr. Luke Mary, O.Carm.
People quite often ask me who my favorite saint is. I usually answer them that my faith is rooted through the evangelization of St. Thomas the Apostle in India. I lay claim to that as a follower of Thomas who doubted and yet verified for us and proclaimed that Jesus is alive and real by saying “My Lord and My God”. Since Jesus is real and alive I have communion with the Holy Trinity and Holy Family. Perhaps St. Thomas stamped that great faith in me. I believe that all Saints are holy people who followed Jesus in eternity.

At one point in my life, I saw Jesus as a judge and I was really afraid of Him. Ever since I realized that Jesus is a loving, merciful and compassionate God, and an honest and trustworthy friend, I go to Him directly without any mediation. He always waits for me with wide open arms to accept me as who I am without any restriction. When I am in trouble or in distress, like a child, I jump in His arms and sit in His lap with comforting hands around me, like a mother protecting her child. Also, Mother Mary is a great mother like my 
own mother, always protecting, loving, caring and never giving up on me.  St. Joseph protected Jesus and Mary and (he is the best protector of me too) I never could find a best protector than him. The best protection I can have is from the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family.

Whenever I asked for help or put my trust in the Holy Trinity or Holy Family they always came to my aid and saved me and answered my prayer one way or another. So I do really believe, “ask and you shall receive, knock and it will be opened to you, seek and you shall find” with my life experiences. At times, I turn away from them but they never turn their faces away from me. Instead they become closer to me.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love all the saints and they lived their life according to God’s Will. They all are good to me in their own way of life and their lives inspire me to follow Jesus faithfully. They all follow Jesus in their own unique ways and in their simple lives. I may not be able to imitate the way they did things but I am sure I will be able to do things with my own God given talents, in simple and humble ways. God gave everyone unique talents and He is asking us to use those simple talents to follow Him.  We do not have to search for our talent. He already equipped us with whatever we need to follow Him. He is the Father who will guide us and we only need the willingness to follow Him. Rest He will guide us in His care. Peace!

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