"Our Day At Avila"

                               All Saints Catholic Academy Students and Teachers

Every year, the students from All Saints Catholic Academy, Albany, New York and their teacher Janice Smircich, visit Saint Teresa's Motherhouse ("Avila") to spend a day of retreat.  The schedule includes celebration of the Holy Eucharist, tour of the Heritage Room, spending time with the Sisters learning more about our Community and to have a little bit of fun!

My Day At Avila
by Jazmine Keene-Prieto

" The trip we took to the convent was an unforgettable experience.  It was the most soothing time I have spent in a while.  When we arrived at the convent, you could see the beautiful scenery by the river.  We walked inside and instantly you could tell the Sisters were excited.  They welcomed us very nicely.  Inside the convent was very cozy and warm, just like home.  They were so kind to us and generous from the moment we walked in.

The thing I really liked about the nuns was that they were like one big, happy family.  They were all respectful towards one another and joked around as well.  They shared stories about their lives, which I thought was very special.  Some of their life stories were very inspiring.

The lunch was very delicious.  There were a lot of choices and plenty to eat.  The nuns had cookies and drinks for snack time.  They gave out candy boxes while we had a quiz towards the end.  The Sisters and novices were beautiful and loving.

The time I spent on retreat helped me to be at ease with myself and think about the future days in high school.  It helped me realize that I need to be at peace with my enemies, and forgive them for any harm they may have cost me.  Listening to the lives of the Sisters made me want to become a better person.

Retreat helped me learn more about the nuns, meditate, and grow closer to God.  Sincerely, this will be one of the the eighth grade experiences I will never forget.  Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa was an exceptional woman and one day we hope to follow in her footsteps and help the world.

Watch out for more "My Day At Avila" posts!

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