Off to St. Patrick's Manor!

Sr. Rebeca and Sr. Julie left today for their initial mission experience with the elderly. They will be in Saint Patrick's Manor in Framingham, MA for six months with their director Sr. Lois Ann.  St. Patrick's Manor is one of the facilities operated by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm.  Both Postulants will be returning to the Motherhouse to attend different events held at different times.  Meanwhile, the Avila Sisters gathered to give them a big send off of love, prayers and support!

                                                           Sr. Rebeca & Sr. Julie

                                              Sr. Jean's words of comfort to Sr. Rebeca

                                                              Sr. Julie says bye!

                                           Novices showed up for send-off!

                                                            Minnie says bye too!

                                                        More hugs and goodbyes!

                                                     "Seeee Yaa Sooon!

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