"Bind Us Together, Lord!"

Our temporary vow Sisters, Sr. Katherine Theresa and Sr. Mary Josephine, spent a week of classes, spiritual retreat and community last August 11 to 17 at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse under the guidance of their temporary vow director, Sr. Patrick of the Assumption, O.Carm.  This is a bi-annual week-long event which is part of our temporary vow Sisters' continuing formation.  A special class on Ethics was given by Fr. Myles Sheehan, S.J.  Sr. Katherine Theresa and Sr. Mary Josephine were joined by our postulants and novices.  This made it a happy occasion since Sr. Rebeca and Sr. Julie returned on that last day of the week to their Mission in St. Patrick's Manor in Framingham, MA.  The joyful bunch also had the opportunity to welcome Sr. Trish in their midst!

 Front Row (left to right): Sr. Rebeca, Sr. Luke Mary, Sr. Katherine Theresa, Sr. Mary Catherine
 Back Row (left to right):  Sr. Hope Therese, Sr. Julie, Sr. Maureen Paul , Sr. Trish, Sr. Mary Josephine

                                                         Singing "Bind Us Together"


  1. I am sure the angels are singing with you. It is a gift to see your order growing so beautifully!

  2. Now that's a picture worth waiting for! I was wondering when I was going to get to see you all together. How wonderful and beautiful! What a special group of dear Sisters. I am so happy for you all I don't even have the words....which for me....well, you know! The garden of Carmel is blooming profusely...the fragrance of vocations rises to heaven with the offering of your lives! Well now! Maybe I did have something to say after all...so God bless every dear Sister. Remember new Sisters, all those who have gone before you in your Order, and have poured their hearts out in prayer for your blessed vocations. Love and prayers to you all! Mamma Jo