On the Feast of Saint Francis, the Novices and Postulants, received a visit from Sr. Francis Patrick and her pet parrot Oatie.  He has a reputation of being a smart talking bird, throwing words like "God bless you!" when someone sneezes, or "Are you okay?" when Sr. Francis Patrick is not herself.  Whether this amazing skill is true or not, was put to the test, when Novices, Postulants and their Formators gathered during recreation to test the famous bird.  Did Oatie pass the test??

                                Sr. Rebeca & Sr. Hope were surprised when Sr. Helena  
                                                     walked in with the camera                          


Waiting for the "Oatie moment" ........

                              Sr. Lois patiently gave the Carmelite pep-talk ........

                             Sr. Mary Catherine even tried a few tricks of her own .......

                                 Sr. Patricia got up to bid goodnight (the final trick)

                                      Someone sneezed .. "God bless you!" Oatie did it!!


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