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 I Am

I am king of every nation
I am Lord of all creation
I am the key to your salvation
I am the messiah from the lowest station I am the shepherd, the sheep, and the gate.
I am the director of your ultimate fate
I am the reaper, sower, and seed
I am providing all that you need
I am the way, the truth, and the life.
I am the end to pain and strife
I am your nearest and dearest friend
I am with you until the end
I am faith and hope and love
I am the father, son, and dove
I am the anointed and chosen one
I am God’s only begotten son
I am the light for the world to see
Let the little children come to me
I am the branches and you are the vine
Believe in me and you will be fine
I am the giver of life giving waters
To save the souls of your sons and daughters I am meek and humble of heart My people and I will never part.
The father and I are one and the same
To call all sinners to him, I came
I am the sacrificial lamb
The God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham
Even before the creation of Adam
Remember before all else that was I am

By Sr. Hope Therese, O.Carm.

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  1. Thank you Sr. Hope for such inspiring and gifted words! Happy Easter to you and thanks for sharing your poem! Beautiful. Sr. Cyril