Saint Therese's Room

St. Therese's Cell (Photo Courtesy: Google)

Above her head there is a holy cross
To remind her to count all else as loss.
Jesus knocks in the picture so turn from sin,
You need to open the door and let him in.
A holy water fount to bless herself,
And remember the Lord before all else.
A jug of water her personal river,
Reminds her of Christ the one true life giver.
An hour glass to tell her how long to pray,
They did not use watches or clocks in her day.
A lamp to use before the dawn is unfurled,
Reminds her of Jesus the light of the world.
A picture of Saint Theresa of Avila her patron and model of the way that is true,
Her hero, her role model and a perfect example to follow in heavenly virtue.
A bench for the work that doesn’t stop,
Idle hands are the devils workshop.
A basket for the many beautiful things, like infant of Prague garments, she would sew,
She turned the ribbon around the outside, inside out, so only the dull side would show.
A lap desk where she wrote her masterpiece,
With the Holy Spirit  words came with ease.
A window to the courtyard to see God’s creation,
We are all precious flowers no matter our station.
That is all that is in her room and that is it,
We pray for simplicity in life and spirit.

by Sr. Hope Therese, O.Carm.

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