by Sr. Lois Wetzel, O.Carm

The Postulants had an exciting couple of days!  They traveled to the Motherhouse to see Sr. Anthony de Lourdes and to be fitted their religious habits in preparation for their becoming Novices in a couple of months.   It is hard to believe that their mission experience at St. Patrick’s Manor is nearing its end!  Time has gone so fast!  They continue to enjoy the summer as they serve our residents in such a variety of ways and learning more about our ministry to the Aged.   It was very exciting to hear about our Foundress, Mother Angeline Teresa, declared  Venerable by our Holy Father Pope Benedict!  We see her spirit alive here at St. Patrick's Manor in the Sisters and lay staff-members who give such dedicated service to our residents.  

Sr. Maureen Sullivan
Sr. Dianna Maring

Sr. Cathie Hinkle
Camera shy Sr. Heather Lukose


  1. It took me a while to come back to this because I was crying when I first saw all these photos. I really am truly speechless that I have the great gift of sharing it these previously private and precious moments. I am grateful beyond imagining. I can only share a special poem with you called "The Bride of Christ" by D. Schenfeld...

    All in white she stands,
    Earth's dark night is over!
    She turns to face the Son of Man,
    With a look that shames the stars!

    Pure & spotless, holy, clothed in Love & Glory!
    What has made her beautiful?
    What has made her ready?

    Her garments sparkle, with the jewels of martyr's tears,
    The faith-filled prayers of saints~
    Throughout the ages, her sweet perfume.

    His heart is beating faster, His eyes burn with Love's desire.
    All the water in creation,
    Can't put out this holy fire!

    What has made her beautiful?
    What has made her ready?
    She gave her life away~
    To be One with Him.

    She gave her life away, to make Him known.
    To reveal His love & mercy,
    Flowing from God's throne.

    She gave her life away, to proclaim salvation's plan;
    His gracious blood's atoning,
    Reaching down to sin- cursed man.

    So, that ALL may enter in,
    Heaven's gates are opened wide!

    A Worthy, Glorious King & by His side,
    A Victorious Bride!

    Tried in the fire, Now shining as gold,
    They gave their life away & gained a wealth untold!

    God bless you all dear Sisters...I count you all my dear daughters and hold you in my heart.

  2. Dearest Sisters,

    We are so happy to see your beautiful blog! I reminds us of the wonderful vist we (and our beagles) had with you at the Mother House two years ago. We hope that we can continue to stay in touch with you. Our blogs will tell you what we've been doing.

    We hope to visit you again. This blog is so beautiful, so inspiring!

    En los Corazones de Jesús y María...
    Catherine, Maria and Lora Goulet