Hi! My name is Sister Cathie and I would like to share with you my experience with the death of my father.  My father, Robert, died an edifying death.  I had been with the Carmelite Sisters for only two months when I received a call that he took a turn for the worse.  The Sisters were astounding in their support.  I had not even finished the evening phone call informing me that Dad was not expected to survive the night, and Sister Carol, started a search for a flight home for me which was in Illinois.  My father's journey continued for a few more days giving time for all of my seven siblings to arrive at his bedside and spent time together.  Dad received the Sacrament of Anointing at the hospital.  My siblings wanted him to have his spiritual comforts and so we decided to transfer him to St. Patrick’s Residence, one of the Carmelite Sisters' facilities in Naperville, Illinois, for his last three nights.  The Sisters provided an entire room next door to Dad’s room for our large family-spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren- who were able to visit.  The Sisters stopped in frequently making sure my father was comfortable.  My siblings were ALL so very amazed by the extent of their hospitality!  Only God will know the true extent of the fruits sown those days.

What about me?  As I witness first-hand the concrete example of a Carmelite Sister’s vocation, it showed me what I will be called to do practically and spiritually.  The gratitude abounds!  Dad was also granted the apostolic pardon.  Our large family had abundant time to speak to him, pray and sing spiritual hymns for his comfort.  On February 21, 2012, at 2:50 a.m, my father peacefully passed into Eternal Life.  He has left us to be with God and our mother, Lucille. 

Dad was a member of the Knights of Columbus for sixty four years. At his wake, the Knights of Columbus led the Rosary with a family friend Deacon Ken.  The American Legion also attended and fired a 3-shot salute and conducted a flag-folding ceremony at his internment since my father was a World War II Navy Veteran.

I will forever be grateful to God for giving my beloved father a happy death!  Let us pray together for all the sick and dying, and pray for all of our deceased loved ones!  May they rest in peace!


  1. Oh Sister Kathy what a beautiful story. Your Dad sounds wonderful. What a lovely and grace filled statement to make that your Dad had an edifying death. The grace of his life surrounded and upheld him to the very last breath. I am happy for all your family that you had such loving support from the Sisters and eachother. God's timing is amazing, isn't it, that you are working with the aged and the dying at the moment your dear father was called home. Your last days and moments with him, so filled with God's graces and blessings, will live in your heart and be poured fourth for others as you live out your vocation. God bless you Sister Kathy and thank you for sharing this loving story with us!

  2. PS I'm so sorry I spelled you name wrong! :( dear Sister Cathie I know you will forgive me! :)