Sr. Dianna and Resident

by Sr. Dianna Maring

The elderly are poor because they have to give up
many of their possessions to enter the nursing home.
Jesus was poor.

Many elderly have very little affectionate physical contact.
Jesus was chaste.

Many elderly entrust their care and treatment
To others who give what is best for them.
Jesus was obedient.

The elderly have to leave their families to enter the nursing home.
Jesus had to leave his beloved mother to begin his ministry.
Some elderly have trouble communicating.
Jesus had trouble with people not understanding or accepting his message.

Many elderly have trouble sleeping because of medications they take. 
Or because they have to be awakened to be taken care of.
Jesus couldn’t sleep in the garden of Gethsemane.

Many elderly have arthritis in their hands and feet.
Jesus’ hands and feet were pierced.

Many elderly are neglected by their friends and family in their hour of need.
Jesus was abandoned by his friends when he was on the cross.

Many elderly have mobility issues.
Jesus couldn’t move on the cross.

Many elderly are often cold due to poor circulation.
Jesus was cold on the cross.

Many elderly have difficulty swallowing and are thirsty because they are on thickened liquids.
Jesus was thirsty and had trouble swallowing the sour wine on the cross.

The elderly grow weaker day by day.
Jesus grew weaker hour by hour on the cross.

No one is as close to God and Heaven as the elderly are at the end of their lives.
Jesus was united with God the Father in Heaven at the end of his life.

The elderly need to be taken care of.
Jesus needed to be taken care of after he died on the cross. 
He also needed others to spread his message throughout the world.

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  1. Dear Sister Dianna, I know you have opened up the hearts and souls of everyone who reads this. You have lifted the veil and shown us Christ. My prayer is that we will live in a world where we honor Christ in eachother as long as we each live and breath. Thank you for sharing your journey and your love for your residents, and of course you made me cry again! God bless you always, Love, Mom