Our first Easter in Carmel was a joyful one filled with the splendor of the Easter Sunday liturgy!   We had visits with our residents and families, as well as special time spent with  our Carmelite community.   We visited with our Carmelite Sisters who reside in the nursing home bringing them cards and candies.  The atmosphere was festive in the facility with many family members and guests visiting our residents.  The main dining room radiated the joy of Easter as our resident's enjoyed their Easter Sunday dinner with  music in the background.  After wishing our residents a Happy Easter, the Sisters enjoyed a delicious Sunday dinner.  Our celebrant Fr. Joseph Fagan was able to join us for the meal.  It was special being able to share the joy of the Risen Lord that we experienced in our Easter liturgy with our dear residents, guests and our community this memorable Easter Sunday!

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  1. I just love the beautiful Easter pictures....they are so EASTERY!!!! You share so many joyful and lovely events with your residents and eachother. It is wonderfully uplifting to have these cheerful glimpses into your lives. Thank you so much for your beautiful vocations and for sharing them with all of us. God bless you.