Our Carmelite Sisters, Residents, family members and guests  of  St. Patrick's Manor celebrated a beautiful Mass of the Lord's Supper.   In this Mass the Church commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Holy Priesthood.   We felt blessed to have Fr. William Murphy as our celebrant.  Father Murphy is on the faculty of Blessed John XXIII National Seminary.  The residents filled the chapel and I could not help but think of the words of our Foundress, Mother Angeline Teresa:  "The prayers of the elderly are very powerful".  It is very humbling to witness the devotion of these elderly souls daily living out the Paschal Mystery in their own lives.  They struggle with the effects of chronic illnesses and they cope with the losses associated with aging.  The strength of their faith and the wisdom they possess are testaments to their own deep and personal relationship with the Lord.  It is a beautiful witness to us who are privileged to care for them.  The Sisters and Residents spent time in prayer with the Lord in the repository during the evening adoration.  It was not hard for us to imagine the feelings of devastation the disciples experienced during that first Holy Thursday when Jesus was taken away from them.  We had the same feelings when the Eucharistic Jesus was removed from the repository at the end of adoration.

 We will now walk with Jesus to the Cross as we commemorate His ultimate sacrifice on Good Friday.

Postulants Sr. Cathie(L) and Sr. Maureen (R) during Washing of the Feet
Our residents receiving Holy Communion
Repository of the Blessed Sacrament on Holy Thursday

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  1. Your loving words about you residents touch my heart so deeply. You are so truly blessed to share their lives and faith and I thank you so much for lifting the veil and allowing us to glimpse a bit of your heaven...God bless you dear residents and Sisters.