Our postulants enjoyed visiting day with family and friends.  The weather was beautiful and conducive to enjoying walks around the property.  Sr. Dianna's family traveled four hours from West Winfield, New York.  That was a long drive! The sisters enjoyed meeting and welcoming our guests and wished all to "come again".

Sr. Dianna with her mom, Jo Ellen Maring
Sr. Dianna with Mom and Dad

Sr. Cathie with childhood friend Connie

Sr. Maureen with college roomate Glenna


  1. Sr.Kathleen John O,Carm.,4/16/2012 4:56 PM

    The Postulants all look so very happy and so glad they enjoy visits from family ,also friends
    I just want to say how nice it's to be able to see the lovely pictures you put together. Many thanks for all the extra things you do. Keep up the good work. God Bless You!
    Here at St.Patrick's Residence we remember they all in our daily prayers.
    In His Love & Prayers
    Sr.Kathleen John

  2. Thank you so much, dear Sisters for the beautiful day, and for welcoming us so warmly into your Carmelite family. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures which are so much appreciated by our family, friends and Parish. Your convent, facilities and grounds are just breathtaking! It was an honor and a blessing to be able to come to your Divine Mercy Mass, meet all of you (including your priest and many of your sweet residents,) tour your home and facilities, share your wonderful meals and spend a beautiful day with our daughter, Sister Dianna. The Postulants all look so happy! Thank you again for your yes to your vocations that make all this possible. Your love, joy and affection will live in our hearts....until next time....