"God's Love is like the Immensity of Ocean"
by Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity was a Carmelite who traveled and enjoyed vacations with families and friends. Her mystical soul saw in nature a reflection of the beauty and majesty of the God she possessed within her. Her letters bear witness to this. This was one of the letters she wrote in September 1893: "I am delighted with my vacation! We spent two weeks at Gemeaux with Madame de Sourdon who did not want to let us go. We had a very enjoyable time there: we played endless games of croquet, took nice walks, and I often played the piano; Monsignor de Gemeaux loves music very much. We often went to the Chateau.....We spent our morning on the beach admiring the sea, which I love so, and watching the bathers.."

Elizabeth (R) with friends

 While traveling today, we found ourselves near the ocean at Old Orchard Beach Maine.  The day was lovely so even though we were not dressed in "beach clothes" we decided to get out and get our feet wet. We looked for shells and enjoyed the sun, sand and surf.  The awesome beauty of such a day should be appreciated and experienced!

by Sr. Lois Ann, O.Carm

Postulants Sr. Cathie and Sr. Dianna enjoying the surf

Sr. Dianna, Sr. Maureen and Sr. Cathie at the beach
Sr. Cathie and Sr. Dianna

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  1. Sister Helena, your meditation is so beautiful and really makes me smile! God bless you all and thank you for the lovely pictures which are always so full of joy! :)