Sr. Dianna Maring, one of our Postulants, was interviewed by The Evangelist, the official publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York.  You can read the full article here.


  1. The story of a vocation is truly a love story...love for God and the Blessed Mother, love for the other Sisters, love for the Residents, all of which is infused with great joy. So many wonderful memories wash over me...Sister Dianna saying, "Mom, I found them! They're everything I wanted and more!" She mentioned love, joy, devotion, being well rounded and so much more. Then came the wonderful visitations and mission programs....meeting so many wonderful sisters and residents, the applications,....the waiting. Lots of Praying!!! I remember her devastation and tears when she couldn't enter on Mother Evangaline's feast day. This was her original "unoffical" entry date that was postphoned. Then finally her entry letter came, dated ON MOTHER'S FEAST DAY, Jan. 21 and Mother Mark said she would enter on Feb. 14th. I had told her the odds were 365 to one she'd enter on St. Valentine's day...all she could say is what an incredible blessing to have gotten her second choice...The day my husband and I brought her to the convent was one we'll always remember. You were all so kind and loving and we had a joyful priviledge to entrust Dianna to God and to your love. As we drove away, my husband said "I can't imagine her anywhere else." Thank you again dear Sisters for your welcoming, loving, precious order and the beautiful life of service you have. God blees you.

    1. * Please excuse me,I meant to say Mother Angeline, not Evangeline.