What Thanksgiving Day Means to Me

 By Sister Philomena Anne of Divine Mercy, O.Carm.


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Thanksgiving Day asks the question “how kind am I to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?” Thanksgiving Day reminds us to give thanks to God for his gift of the breath of life and for His many blessings. In one of the Gospel stories, Jesus healed ten lepers and only one returned. This prompted Jesus to ask, “Ten were healed, where are the other nine?” This reading is perfect as it shows us to render Him thanks as well. This special day, while I spend the day with my Sisters in Carmel, and as we make our calls to families and friends to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, let us remember our Lord and thank Him. If it were not for His giving of Himself up to save us from eternal death, we would not have a thanksgiving to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Sisters in Carmel, family and friends!




 Pray for these young women who participated in our Vocation Weekend Retreat on October 15-17, 2021! If you are interested to know more about our community, don't hesitate to  contact our vocation director at srmaryod@stmhcs.org


 Sr. Michelle Elizabeth welcomes the start of the Fall Season with the Sisters in Columbus, Ohio.  Sister is on her eight weeks of mission experience as a Novice.  Convent living requires a sisterhood that's unique to religious life.  We pray hard, we play hard too!



A great marathon event with Sr. Michelle Elizabeth and Sr. Philomena Anne !



The Desert

 I do not fear the desert, For Jesus walked there first.

Behind me and before me, Growing deeper in my thirst.

I still see Him daily, I am grateful for that gift.

For many do not have it, Yet in them He still lives.

Church doors have been shuttered, In an effort to stop the spread.

We live stream Mass in place of it, Our virtual daily bread,

No not virtual- His presence is still real.

He moved beyond technology, To preach, and teach, and heal.

"Dwell with me spiritually", Has become our daily prayer.

Within me and around me, I see Him everywhere.

In the faces of healthcare workers, Who go into the fight.

They do their jobs despite the risk, Into darkness they bring light.

In the smile of a stranger, Hidden behind the mask.

"Love your neighbor as yourself", We are being called to task.

Although we are far from over, An end not soon in sight.

The victory is coming, A future-hopeful and bright.

For now the tomb is sealed, And Jesus is laid away.

But stones don't last forever, Christ has won the day!

Poem: Sister Michelle Elizabeth Marie, O.Carm.

Off to my First Mission Experience!


Sister Michelle Elizabeth, our second year novice, left for her First Mission experience on September 6th. She will stay in our facility in Columbus, Ohio for two months to learn our mission of care to the elderly. She looks forward to her new community and the service she will give to our beloved residents. Pray for her and we will surely miss her presence at the Motherhouse!

First Profession of Vows

 On July 10, 2021, our two novices, Sr. Sharon Rose Carmel and Sr. Dolores Carmel, professed First Vows before our Prioress General. The Eucharistic liturgy was presided by Timothy Cardinal Dolan and assisted by Very Rev. Mario Esposito, O.Carm. It was a beautiful ceremony attended by family  members, invited guests and the Sisters, Friars and Brothers of the Carmelite Family. Now, our two newly professed, with their black veil on, symbolizing their profession of the three vows of Obedience, Poverty and Chastity before God's people, are on to their first mission of caring for the elderly. Pray for them and wish them well!


A Bit of Tik Tok!

 Sr. Dolores Carmel and Sr. Michelle Elizabeth on TikTok @roseofcarmel

Off to Second Mission!


Our two senior novices, Sr. Dolores Carmel and Sr. Sharon Rose, are currently away on their second mission experience. A mission experience is when a novice gets to spend six weeks of her time in one of the Homes operated by the Sisters so they can experience working with the elderly.  They also get to live in another community of Sisters outside of the novitiate. This is usually a fun and good learning experience for our novices. On the above photos, you see Sr. Sharon Rose learning how to make pizelles from one of our younger Sisters, Sr. Mary Vianney, at Marian Manor in South Boston, MA.  Sr. Dolores Carmel got a beautiful cake from her new community at Saint Patrick's Home, Bronx NY. She is also enjoying planting with a resident.

Please pray for our novices as they prepare for their First Profession of Vows when they return after their mission experience!


The Desert


 I still don't fear the desert, Though at times it's vast and dark.

Sometimes it just feels endless, With no ending and no start.

But deserts are not completely black, The stars show us the way.

They guide us on our journey, From darkness into day.

I still don't fear the desert, For it saw my Savior's birth.

When angels light and song broke through, They filled the desert first.

The doors in town were shuttered, "No room" the people said.

It begged an urgent question, "Where will He lay His head?"

Two millennia have passed,  And not very much has changed.

The desert still seems vast and dark, The people shut away.

I still don't fear the desert, For from it hope has dawned.

"The light shines in the darkness", And helps us journey on.

It's still so far from over, The end still out of sight.

But in this time of dark and fear, We are asked to be the light.

Christ's coming shattered darkness, Two thousand years ago.

When all seemed lost, and cold, and dark, There came a ray of hope.

This Christmas will look different, But somehow more the same.

To the one that happened long ago, When the angels sang His Name.

Emmanuel is with us, The light shines in the dark.

This quiet hope has surely dawned, It dwells within our hearts.

Poem by: Sister Michelle Elizabeth Marie, O.Carm.

December 7, 2020