A SISTER'S PAGE: Prayer to Mary

by Sr. Lois Ann Wetzel, O.Carm.

 Photo: Google Image

 Mary, my Mother and sister, how often I have wanted to leave you at a safe distance in stained glass glory and on alabaster pedestals.  Instead you teach me that your life was a simple life of love lived with bread dough on your hands and the dust of Nazareth on your feet.  Let your gospel journey find expression in my own life.  Your beautiful Magnificat sang of your faith in the Almighty and your concern and solidarity with the poor and dispossessed of this world.  Help me to do the same.  I need your Annunciation faith to be able to say as you did, “let it be done to me as You will”.  Give me the compassion that you showed when visiting Elizabeth; the compassion to bring Jesus to the world.  I want your Bethlehem trust to let Jesus be born in my life in whatever circumstances I find myself.  Help me to carry out your Cana invitation to “do whatever He tells you”.  And give me your Calvary courage to stand at the foot of the Cross of our broken world believing that the Spirit who brought Jesus to life in your womb will also bring His life to every place and situation that awaits the fulfillment of His promises.  Be with me Mary on my journey.  Be a mother to the Christ-life in me.  Be my companion and guide.  Amen.