Saint Therese's Room

St. Therese's Cell (Photo Courtesy: Google)

Above her head there is a holy cross
To remind her to count all else as loss.
Jesus knocks in the picture so turn from sin,
You need to open the door and let him in.
A holy water fount to bless herself,
And remember the Lord before all else.
A jug of water her personal river,
Reminds her of Christ the one true life giver.
An hour glass to tell her how long to pray,
They did not use watches or clocks in her day.
A lamp to use before the dawn is unfurled,
Reminds her of Jesus the light of the world.
A picture of Saint Theresa of Avila her patron and model of the way that is true,
Her hero, her role model and a perfect example to follow in heavenly virtue.
A bench for the work that doesn’t stop,
Idle hands are the devils workshop.
A basket for the many beautiful things, like infant of Prague garments, she would sew,
She turned the ribbon around the outside, inside out, so only the dull side would show.
A lap desk where she wrote her masterpiece,
With the Holy Spirit  words came with ease.
A window to the courtyard to see God’s creation,
We are all precious flowers no matter our station.
That is all that is in her room and that is it,
We pray for simplicity in life and spirit.

by Sr. Hope Therese, O.Carm.


A SISTER'S PAGE: What Is Prayer?

Photo Courtesy: Google
Prayer is water
Prayer is fire
Prayer is wind
Prayer is desire
Prayer is freeing
Prayer is binding
Prayer is seeking
Prayer is finding
Prayer is talking
Prayer is listening
Prayer is dull
Prayer is glistening
Prayer is a poem
Prayer is a song
Prayer is short
Prayer is long
Prayer is loud
Prayer is silence
Prayer is peace
Prayer is reliance
Prayer is working
Prayer is rest
Prayer is your worst
Prayer is your best
Prayer is the Father
Prayer is the Dove
Prayer is the Son
Prayer is love
Prayer is a rainbow
Prayer is a storm
Prayer is cold
Prayer is warm
Prayer is laughing
Prayer is crying
Prayer is easy
Prayer is trying
Prayer is a quiet calm
Prayer is a lively dance
Prayer is complete surrender
Prayer is taking a chance
Prayer is receiving
Prayer is giving
Prayer is dying
Prayer is living
Prayer is thanking
Prayer is praising
Prayer is humbling
Prayer is raising
Prayer is blessing
Prayer is contrition
Prayer is communion
Prayer is petition
Prayer is affirmation
Prayer is a solitary space
Prayer is confirmation
Prayer is a unifying grace
Prayer is grieving
Prayer is coping
Prayer is believing
Prayer is hoping
Prayer can move you or hold you still
Prayer can help you accept God’s will
When you pray remember this
He is yours and you are His

by Sr. Hope Therese, O.Carm.



photo courtesy: Google
 I Am

I am king of every nation
I am Lord of all creation
I am the key to your salvation
I am the messiah from the lowest station I am the shepherd, the sheep, and the gate.
I am the director of your ultimate fate
I am the reaper, sower, and seed
I am providing all that you need
I am the way, the truth, and the life.
I am the end to pain and strife
I am your nearest and dearest friend
I am with you until the end
I am faith and hope and love
I am the father, son, and dove
I am the anointed and chosen one
I am God’s only begotten son
I am the light for the world to see
Let the little children come to me
I am the branches and you are the vine
Believe in me and you will be fine
I am the giver of life giving waters
To save the souls of your sons and daughters I am meek and humble of heart My people and I will never part.
The father and I are one and the same
To call all sinners to him, I came
I am the sacrificial lamb
The God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham
Even before the creation of Adam
Remember before all else that was I am

By Sr. Hope Therese, O.Carm.


Array of Hope Concert

Sr. Helena, Sr. Mary, Sr. Pia and Sr. Philomena attended an inspiring Catholic Concert held at Our Lady Mother of the Church in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.  The vibrant church community launched the first of its events celebrating the 50th anniversary of their church's existence.  The head-count given of attendees was 300 and it did look like that as the hall was filled!  Families of children, teenagers and adults participated.  Some of the attendees  were Priests associated with the parish, two Salesian Brothers who were part of the performance, and us Religious Sisters.  The production was called "Array of Hope" by the Te Deum Ministries  and was described by their program as "a wide-ranging concert experience that features multiple musical acts, motivational speakers and thought-provoking film presentations that joyously celebrates our faith in Jesus Christ."  We had a very enjoyable, prayerful, and satisfying experience for a Sunday afternoon relaxation!  Enjoy the photos!