The Joy of SIsterhood!

October is the month of apple and pumpkin picking. And that was exactly what our Sisters in Formation did one afternoon. Check out the story and photo right HERE!


Through the Eyes of Dementia

Photo: Google Images

I don't remember who you are or your name
I do remember I love you just the same
I don't remember to brush my teeth or my hair
I do remember each and every song and prayer
I don't remember the last meal I was fed
I do remember the day that I was wed
I don't remember what it was that I wanted to say
I do remember the empathy you showed me today
I don't remember where this place is that I live
I do remember I still have so much to give
Loosing my memory may cause me to blunder
It also makes all seem new and full of wonder
The things that I say may not always make sense
The most precious gift to me is your presence
My brain may be dying instead of healing
I can still sense everything you are feeling
You can talk to me and hold my hand
You don't know how much I understand
All of my memories may go away
My love and compassion will always stay
In my heart you will forever have a spot
The heart remembers things that the brain cannot.

by Sr. Hope Therese


Interview with Sister Catherine

Sister Catherine is one of our Sisters in temporary vows. She is currently missioned at Carmel Terrace in Framingham, MA.


Meet Our Novices!

On July 6, 2019 at 9:00 am, as the Universal Church celebrates the memorial of the virgin Saint Maria Goretti, ,our three Postulants, Sr. Doris, Sr. Sharon and Sr. Morgan,  received their Carmelite habit and religious names.  It was a private ceremony attended by the local community at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse in Germantown, New York.  Mother Mark Louis Anne, Prioress General, assisted by Sr. Lois Ann , Postulant Director, and Sr. Helena of Mary, Novice Director, received the new novices into the Carmelite family.  The Eucharistic liturgy followed right after the ceremony with Fr. James Hess, O.Carm., Chaplain to the Sisters, as celebrant.  The event was a moving witness on how God continually calls young women to follow Him in an exclusive way of the evangelical counsels, and how many of our young still hears and responds "YES" to His voice, amidst this increasingly confused and secular world. With the reception of the Carmelite Habit, the new novices also received their new religious names: Sr. M. Dolores Carmel, Sr. M. Sharon Rose Carmel, Sr. M. Joanne Therese Carmel. Pray for them!



Trip to Cohoes Falls, NY

Our Postulants enjoyed a visit to the beautiful Cohoes Falls in Cohoes, New York.


Hudson Valley Trip

Our Postulants enjoyed some beautiful spots in the Hudson Valley. God reveals His face in many places when we keep our eyes and hearts open.


Mother's Day Crowning of Our Lady

Sister Sharon crowned Our Lady on Mother's Day during our Sunday Mass on May 12. We apologize for the unfinished hymn but this is too beautiful not to share! Mother's Day crowning of Our Lady from Carmelite Sister on Vimeo.

Nature Walk

The Postulants enjoyed a delightful visit to Bash Bish Falls on a lovely day in May!

Thank You Saint Patrick's Manor!

The Postulants prepared to return to the Motherhouse for the last leg of their Postulancy. They said their goodbyes to the Sisters at Saint Patrick's Manor. It was a wonderful six months experience!


Sr. Mary On the Road!

Sister Mary, Vocation Director, joined a Young Adults group in Findlay, OH. They had a bit of fun as they walked for a good cause- Cystic Fibrosis- on these photos.

Becoming Novices!


Formators' Workshop

 On April 9-12, 2019, Sr. Helena of Mary and Sr. Lois Ann attended the Annual Formators' Workshop sponsored by the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR) at Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA.  The event was attended by approximately ninety women religious from different religious congregations.  This year's topic was on "Formative Listening."  The speakers chosen for this year's event gave great presentations in the areas of their expertise: Father Thomas P. Acklin, O.S.B and Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B from Saint Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe, PA spoke on Subjectivity/Interiority, Listening/Challenges to Listening in the context of Spiritual Accompaniment; Sister Mary Madeline Todd, O.P gave a presentation on Cultivating A Listening Heart: Silence and Prayer, Cultivating A Listening Heart: Hearing God's Will with Others; and Stephen Giodano, President and Founder of Day One Group specializing in leadership development gave a rousing presentation on Guiding Others Through Coaching.

 The gathering was filled with special graces as we gathered for liturgies, meals and fraternity with  Formators seeking out opportunities to consult and share with one another issues pertaining to vocation and Formation.


A Day Out with Temporary Vowed Sisters and Postulants

Postulants and Temporary Vowed Sisters on outing to St. Joseph’s Carmelite Church located in Troy, NY to see its famous Tiffany stained glass windows.