"God's Love is like the Immensity of Ocean"
by Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity was a Carmelite who traveled and enjoyed vacations with families and friends. Her mystical soul saw in nature a reflection of the beauty and majesty of the God she possessed within her. Her letters bear witness to this. This was one of the letters she wrote in September 1893: "I am delighted with my vacation! We spent two weeks at Gemeaux with Madame de Sourdon who did not want to let us go. We had a very enjoyable time there: we played endless games of croquet, took nice walks, and I often played the piano; Monsignor de Gemeaux loves music very much. We often went to the Chateau.....We spent our morning on the beach admiring the sea, which I love so, and watching the bathers.."

Elizabeth (R) with friends

 While traveling today, we found ourselves near the ocean at Old Orchard Beach Maine.  The day was lovely so even though we were not dressed in "beach clothes" we decided to get out and get our feet wet. We looked for shells and enjoyed the sun, sand and surf.  The awesome beauty of such a day should be appreciated and experienced!

by Sr. Lois Ann, O.Carm

Postulants Sr. Cathie and Sr. Dianna enjoying the surf

Sr. Dianna, Sr. Maureen and Sr. Cathie at the beach
Sr. Cathie and Sr. Dianna



 Our postulants enjoyed visiting day with family and friends.  The weather was beautiful and conducive to enjoying walks around the property.  Sr. Dianna's family traveled four hours from West Winfield, New York.  That was a long drive! The sisters enjoyed meeting and welcoming our guests and wished all to "come again".

Sr. Dianna with her mom, Jo Ellen Maring
Sr. Dianna with Mom and Dad

Sr. Cathie with childhood friend Connie

Sr. Maureen with college roomate Glenna



Our first Easter in Carmel was a joyful one filled with the splendor of the Easter Sunday liturgy!   We had visits with our residents and families, as well as special time spent with  our Carmelite community.   We visited with our Carmelite Sisters who reside in the nursing home bringing them cards and candies.  The atmosphere was festive in the facility with many family members and guests visiting our residents.  The main dining room radiated the joy of Easter as our resident's enjoyed their Easter Sunday dinner with  music in the background.  After wishing our residents a Happy Easter, the Sisters enjoyed a delicious Sunday dinner.  Our celebrant Fr. Joseph Fagan was able to join us for the meal.  It was special being able to share the joy of the Risen Lord that we experienced in our Easter liturgy with our dear residents, guests and our community this memorable Easter Sunday!


by Sr. Lois, O.Carm

Jesus in death
Empty Tabernacle

The empty tabernacle is a powerful reminder of the mystery and the glory of our life in Christ .  It invites us to reflect on the question  "what if Jesus had not come?" "What if we were trapped in our sin and failings with no hope of healing?"  We would be deprived of the Resurrection, deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit to raise us up and give us the strength to be and become the persons God intended us to be.  Today, my prayer is especially for those who are in the tomb with Jesus.  Those who do not know Him or have rejected Him.  Those for whom Jesus has not yet come.  And yet we are all in the tomb in some areas of our lives.  Parts of us are crying out for healing and for resurrection.  We can take comfort in the knowledge that Jesus went into the tomb and is there with us in the dark awaiting the assent of our faith.   "Yes Lord, I believe, help my unbelief" so as to raise us up to live the risen life.  The postulants and myself are devoting extra time in prayer today in preparation for our joyful Easter Vigil service tonight.  Then we will be able to cry out in song and prayer in our hearts "The Lord is Risen! Alleluia!"



Deacon Pat from Blessed John the XXIII National Seminary conducted our Good Friday Services in our Holy Family chapel.   The mood was serious and devotional.  You could sense the intensity of prayer among the participants.  After the account of the Lord's Passion was read from the gospel of St. John, Deacon Pat gave a moving reflection on the role of suffering in our lives. When we look on the face of Christ on the cross, and unite our suffering with His, our suffering becomes redemptive in union with Christ's own suffering.  Deacon Pat encouraged us not to be afraid of our suffering but to embrace it, because for the believer, suffering does not end with the cross but along with her Risen Lord, in resurrection.

Deacon Pat, Sr. Maureen in procession and Sr. Brigid
Sisters, Residents and Guests at Good Friday service
Lenten Crucifix


Sr. Dianna Maring, one of our Postulants, was interviewed by The Evangelist, the official publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York.  You can read the full article here.

Our Carmelite Sisters, Residents, family members and guests  of  St. Patrick's Manor celebrated a beautiful Mass of the Lord's Supper.   In this Mass the Church commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Holy Priesthood.   We felt blessed to have Fr. William Murphy as our celebrant.  Father Murphy is on the faculty of Blessed John XXIII National Seminary.  The residents filled the chapel and I could not help but think of the words of our Foundress, Mother Angeline Teresa:  "The prayers of the elderly are very powerful".  It is very humbling to witness the devotion of these elderly souls daily living out the Paschal Mystery in their own lives.  They struggle with the effects of chronic illnesses and they cope with the losses associated with aging.  The strength of their faith and the wisdom they possess are testaments to their own deep and personal relationship with the Lord.  It is a beautiful witness to us who are privileged to care for them.  The Sisters and Residents spent time in prayer with the Lord in the repository during the evening adoration.  It was not hard for us to imagine the feelings of devastation the disciples experienced during that first Holy Thursday when Jesus was taken away from them.  We had the same feelings when the Eucharistic Jesus was removed from the repository at the end of adoration.

 We will now walk with Jesus to the Cross as we commemorate His ultimate sacrifice on Good Friday.

Postulants Sr. Cathie(L) and Sr. Maureen (R) during Washing of the Feet
Our residents receiving Holy Communion
Repository of the Blessed Sacrament on Holy Thursday



Palm Sunday signals the beginning of the holiest week of the liturgical year.  Our beautiful liturgical celebration began with the blessing and distribution of palms to our Residents and their families, our Carmelite sisters, and those who joined our worship.  The joyful entrance song reminded us of the crowds welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem, and yet reading the Passion narrative from the Gospel of St. Mark, we have a glimpse of the dark days ahead.  We will journey with Jesus this week during the Easter Triduum celebrations. The commemoration of the Institution of the Eucharist and Holy Priesthood at the Last Supper is celebrated on Holy Thursday. The Passion and Death of Jesus is remembered on Good Friday.  The silence and solitude of Holy Saturday as the whole Christian community awaits in vigil for the joyful event of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.   These events are celebrated in all their richness with our Residents and those who come to our Home.  Journey with us this week as we walk with Jesus to Jerusalem.  Experience His Passion and participate in the joy of His Resurrection.  Our yearly Holy Week services poignantly remind us that our life is a call to enter into the Paschal mystery of dying to self daily only to rise again with Christ in the triumph of the Resurrection!

Sr. Dianna distributes palms before Mass
Sr. Heather distributes palms to resident
Lenten display in front of Altar
Postulants in prayer with Carmelite community at Palm Sunday service
Tabernacle on Palm Sunday