Through the Eyes of Dementia

Photo: Google Images

I don't remember who you are or your name
I do remember I love you just the same
I don't remember to brush my teeth or my hair
I do remember each and every song and prayer
I don't remember the last meal I was fed
I do remember the day that I was wed
I don't remember what it was that I wanted to say
I do remember the empathy you showed me today
I don't remember where this place is that I live
I do remember I still have so much to give
Loosing my memory may cause me to blunder
It also makes all seem new and full of wonder
The things that I say may not always make sense
The most precious gift to me is your presence
My brain may be dying instead of healing
I can still sense everything you are feeling
You can talk to me and hold my hand
You don't know how much I understand
All of my memories may go away
My love and compassion will always stay
In my heart you will forever have a spot
The heart remembers things that the brain cannot.

by Sr. Hope Therese