The Desert


 I still don't fear the desert, Though at times it's vast and dark.

Sometimes it just feels endless, With no ending and no start.

But deserts are not completely black, The stars show us the way.

They guide us on our journey, From darkness into day.

I still don't fear the desert, For it saw my Savior's birth.

When angels light and song broke through, They filled the desert first.

The doors in town were shuttered, "No room" the people said.

It begged an urgent question, "Where will He lay His head?"

Two millennia have passed,  And not very much has changed.

The desert still seems vast and dark, The people shut away.

I still don't fear the desert, For from it hope has dawned.

"The light shines in the darkness", And helps us journey on.

It's still so far from over, The end still out of sight.

But in this time of dark and fear, We are asked to be the light.

Christ's coming shattered darkness, Two thousand years ago.

When all seemed lost, and cold, and dark, There came a ray of hope.

This Christmas will look different, But somehow more the same.

To the one that happened long ago, When the angels sang His Name.

Emmanuel is with us, The light shines in the dark.

This quiet hope has surely dawned, It dwells within our hearts.

Poem by: Sister Michelle Elizabeth Marie, O.Carm.

December 7, 2020



Start the Count Down!

Just a few pics with our Garvey Manor superhero shirts. We decided to wear it as we are coming close to finish our mission experience here. We’ve definitely used our spiritual muscles during this pandemic time. We trust that the Lord will take us where we are needed and help us grow in our faith!


Fall / Winter 2020 Newsletter



"My Silver Lining"

 By Sister Dolores Carmel, O.Carm.

Here it goes; my first attempt at contributing on our formation blog page! I’m sipping on a warm cup of coffee listening to a fun song called “My Silver Lining” by First Aid Kit. The lyrics that strike out to me are, “I hear a voice calling, calling out for me. These shackles I’ve made in an attempt to be free. Be it for a reason, be it for love. I won’t take the easy road.” This captures what I currently feel as a senior novice in my first mission in Pennsylvania. It’s been both exciting with a bit of nervousness as I face a new chapter and way of life that I never thought possible. I’ve never been a very wordy person and I sometimes struggle to articulate my thoughts and feelings so crafts and music have paved a path of expressing myself hence; why this song helped me to be present to this part of my journey.  

            The voice that calls has been the spirit of the Lord and continually calls me in a variety of ways. Only he knows how to catch and keep my attention.  As I get acquainted to my first mission I think about how God has stretched me in ways I never thought possible. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be driving around these long country roads, feeding the elderly, and giving them communion. It’s been like I’ve been following a beat of a song I’ve never heard of; and boy do I love dancing to a good beat! 

            As the song continues, it mentions an attempt to be free. It is true that we all desire to be free and happy. I discovered that notion as I child and desired it with my whole heart but I thought it was through self-edification and the merits of virtue (or as kid would articulate doing good) did I lose myself a bit. However, as God always brings us to him his grace reached out and continues to reach out that all good things come through him did I understand that freedom is relying on God’s unconditional love.

            Finally, the lyrics mention that it’s not about taking the easy road. This spoke immensely because it hasn’t been easy as following God takes you to unfamiliar places and doing uncomfortable things. The beauty of it though is that is there with through every step and he will send you all the assistance you need. As Jesus told Nicodemus about how man is led by the spirit: “the wind blows wherever it pleases, you hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going (John 3:8).”

            Overall, I’ve been immensely grateful in all that God has done in the process of my journey and I look forward to what else he has in store. I pray that I can grow in love and be of service to him wherever he leads.



Rest In Peace, Sister Hope Therese!

On January 19, 2020, at 1:37 am, God called Sr. Hope Therese Angeline, O,Carm. to her eternal reward. Sister was 33 years old. We deeply mourn her loss and we share in the sorrows of those she left behind- her parents, sister Melissa, nephews, Carmelite Sisters, and those whose lives she touched at the places where she was missioned.  Sister Hope was a poetic soul and expressed her love of God and her journey to God in words of joy, longings, sufferings and love reflected in her poems.  You can read and meditate on some of them from the following links below:

Mother Angeline Teresa

Sr. Hope Therese

One characteristic of Mother Angeline that I especially admire is her courage.  She left the security and happiness with the little sisters because she felt called to serve the elderly in a different way.  She did not know if her order would succeed or not.  She had complete faith and trust in God’s providence and wisdom.  With any vocation, there are difficulties, struggles, and roadblocks.  If you get through these it leads to greater affirmation of God’s will for you.  To get through hard times and persevere in God’s plan for you, you need courage.  I am amazed by Mother’s strong faith that gave her the courage to carry out a vision that was radical for its time.  God has a plan for everyone.  Even when things are rough, they will get better.  No bad time lasts forever.   The hard road is the narrow gate that will lead us to the kingdom of God.  Mother Angeline understood all of this.  She never gave up on God’s plan for her even when things set her back.  We, her daughters, need to remember this on our vocational journey.  If Mother Angeline could persevere in a changing vocation, we can persevere in a steady one.  We have nothing to fear with such a courageous foundress as our mother, protector and guide.