by Sr. Dianna Maring

On Sunday, August 5th, Sr. Lois and the Postulants went to Marian Manor which is one of our facilities located in Boston.  It is a beautiful and very large home made up of four connected buildings situated on a hill.  Before lunch, we had a tour of the different wings.  I had the roasted Turkey which was delicious!  The Sisters then gave us some gifts after lunch.  We toured the West wing where I stayed during my Affiliation experience prior to my joining the CongregationI was told that this wing used to be a hospital many years ago.  I have met at least two residents at Marian Manor who were born in that hospital.  The kitchen where I ate breakfast as an Affiliate used to be the chapel of the hospital.  It still has the beautiful stained glass windows.  As I looked up the staircase to the floor level that held the room where I once stayed, I saw a small window.  I saw a light rain outside with the sun shinning through.  I am pretty sure that somewhere in Massachusetts that day there was a rainbow.  We then saw a meeting room with several old photos on the wall.  There were photos of the ground breaking ceremonies for all four buildings.  Our Foundress, Venerable Mother Angeline Teresa, was present in all of the pictures.  It was here that we received more gifts from another sister!  There is a reason the Carmelite Sisters are known for their generosity and hospitality!  Our last stop was to see one of the Resident's pets.  There was a beautiful Scottish Fold cat that made herself at home in an office.  Gated in another room were two adorable and friendly little mixed breed dogs.  Coming from a dairy farm, I have a love of all God’s creatures!  By the time we left, the rain had abated and the sun was making its way through the clouds.  This visit made me think about just how far I’ve come.  The transformation from the girl who was not sure what she wanted to do with her life, to the now almost a Novice, has been nothing short of miraculous.  I know I didn’t get here on my own.  I couldn’t possibly have.  You do not choose a vocation.  God chooses you.  It is God’s will and not necessarily yours.  Although I went through the actions that brought me here, in a way, it seems like it just happened.  God has been working through me and with me all this time.  It feels as natural as breathing or blinking. One thing that has made it easy for me to accept God’s will is a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin.  No one understands God’s will better than the daughter of God, mother of Jesus, and spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mary Immaculate.  The Patroness of Marian Manor and our Carmelite Oder will never steer us in the wrong direction.  One thing I have learned from experience is that God is always with us, come rain or sun.

by Sr. Dianna Maring

As I watch the beautiful rain
Falling down my windowpane
I think of times in my life
That were filled with pain and strife.
The times that were filled with fear
Despair that God was not near.
At times I felt I would drown
In rain that was falling down.

Suddenly, what in the sky should appear
But the glorious sun so warm and dear!
Shining brilliantly through rain like crystal
The rain of pain that my life was once full.
Then I realized that I was now seeing 
The beauty in my suffering being.
Then what do I have to feast my eyes on
 Beautiful rainbow on the horizon!

Just as the rain can bring the earth to life 
We are made eternal by pain and strife.
So when we are united with the Son
We can make a rainbow with God as one.
Remember next time you are free of woe,
To join with someone who is feeling low,
Together you just might make a rainbow!

by Sr. Lois Wetzel, O.Carm

The Postulants have been enjoying the summer here at St. Patrick's Manor in Framingham, Massachusetts with a variety of activities.  In July, we spent a day of prayer at the Shrine of LaSalette in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  The Shrine is beautiful and has many outdoor areas to pray and walk, a lovely chapel, and a gift shop.  It was the ideal place to spend a quiet day with the Lord in prayer.  The Postulants have also been enjoying outdoor events with the residents: evening concerts every Wednesday, and weekly Resident cook- outs.  The Postulants were the "chefs" for a cook- out enjoyed by the Sisters.  It has been wonderful sharing these fun events with our Residents and the local Carmelite community.  It is hard to believe the time is going so fast and soon it will be time to return to the Motherhouse!