The Temporary Vow Week

Our Temporary Vow Sisters were at St. Teresa's Motherhouse on January 4-10 for their continuing Formation classes. Sr. Peter Lilian DiMaria, Director of Avila Institute of Gerontology, gave classes on the Ethical Religious Directives (ERD) and Palliative Care.  Sr. Peter Lillian also enlightened the Sisters on the  holy men and women of the Bible as they impart to us the wisdom of old age.  The Temporary Vow Week is a time for our Sisters to reconnect with each other, share their Mission stories, meet with their Director of Temporary Vows, attend classes and lectures, and set aside special time for rest and prayer.

                                  Sr. Peter Lillian conducts classes with our temporary vow Sisters
           L-R: Sr. Peter Lillian, Sr. Katherine Theresa, Sr. Maureen Paul, Sr. Hope Therese, Sr. Catherine Angeline, Sr. Luke Mary, Sr. Mary Josephine, and Sr. Patrick (Director of Temporary Vow Sisters)