Sister Hope's Renewal of Vows

by Sister Hope Therese, O.Carm.

In His Presence

I could praise and glorify your name,
No words could give you your due acclaim.
I could petition for something I think is best,
You know what it is I want before I request.
I could give to you a prayer of thanksgiving,
Poor repayment for joy I have from living.
I could pray for you to intercede,
You know better than I what I need.
I could worship and adore you in everything,
I am not worthy to honor so great a king.
It feels too little to offer the life I live,
God always loves everything that I have to give.
Faith and trust in the Lord can be enough,
If you know God will help when things get rough.
Give to God every single little worry and care,
You can not see the future God is already there.
He understands all that you are going through,
He was also a human once just like you.
Sometimes best friends do not have to say a word,
What is on your mind has already been heard.
My favorite prayer is just to be in his company,
That is always the closest thing to heaven for me.

Sister Hope Therese made her fourth Renewal of  Temporary Vows at  Saint Patrick's Manor, Framingham, MA where she is currently missioned to serve our aged and infirm.