"Bind Us Together, Lord!"

Our temporary vow Sisters, Sr. Katherine Theresa and Sr. Mary Josephine, spent a week of classes, spiritual retreat and community last August 11 to 17 at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse under the guidance of their temporary vow director, Sr. Patrick of the Assumption, O.Carm.  This is a bi-annual week-long event which is part of our temporary vow Sisters' continuing formation.  A special class on Ethics was given by Fr. Myles Sheehan, S.J.  Sr. Katherine Theresa and Sr. Mary Josephine were joined by our postulants and novices.  This made it a happy occasion since Sr. Rebeca and Sr. Julie returned on that last day of the week to their Mission in St. Patrick's Manor in Framingham, MA.  The joyful bunch also had the opportunity to welcome Sr. Trish in their midst!

 Front Row (left to right): Sr. Rebeca, Sr. Luke Mary, Sr. Katherine Theresa, Sr. Mary Catherine
 Back Row (left to right):  Sr. Hope Therese, Sr. Julie, Sr. Maureen Paul , Sr. Trish, Sr. Mary Josephine

                                                         Singing "Bind Us Together"


Welcome Our New Postulant!

The Carmelite Sisters welcome with great joy Trish Doan who joined the Congregation on August 6, 2013, Feast of Transfiguration! Trish is originally from Vietnam and lived in Westminster, CA.  We wish Sr. Trish God’s blessings as she begins her journey in Carmel!

                                   Reciting the Act of Consecration to Our Lady

                                Mother Mark places the brown scapular of Carmel

                                         Receiving the Community Book

                                                             Welcome to Carmel!


'My Call"

by Sr.Pia Ignatius de la Cruz, O.Carm

I am first-generation American from the New York City metropolitan area. My father was from Germany and my mother is from Cuba of Spanish descent. My vocation experience began at an early age but at that time I did not know what it was. While I was preparing for First Communion, I began to pay more attention to the kids who were altar servers. Mass bored me and I never understood the homily so my mind wandered a bit. I was impressed by the robes worn by the altar servers and the attention they seemed to show during Mass. I approached Father Greg who was great with children. He made learning fun and genuinely made us excited to come to Mass. As I got older, my responsibilities grew. Parishioners ask for me by name to serve at funerals and weddings. My fellow classmates would get a bit jealous when I was pulled out of class to serve. What kid does not want to get out of class? You knew you made it as an altar server when you were asked to partake in midnight Mass. That's like the Super Bowl of Masses!
After my Confirmation, I became too old be an altar server. So the next natural step was to become a Eucharistic minister. Since Fr. Greg had now left, it was now Fr. Rob who taught me. He was overjoyed that several other classmates wanted to participate. Some time went by, and as my high school life became more stressed and filled with activities, I chose sleep over going to Mass. Some would say my spiritual journey ended, and at that time, I would have to agree. The Holy Spirit never stopped speaking to me. I just stopped making time to listen.
My twenties were filled with youthful interests and frenzied social activities. I always knew my life would be that of service but did not know the form it would take. I was all over the place and tried everything but rarely went to Mass. Lifeguarding was fun but it's not a career. Bartending was fun but not a career. Acting and dancing, any type of performing, were loads of fun. Making people smile is a great thing but not a career for me. Medicine! That is where I should go! I then went to school to become an EMT. After a few years of that I went to nursing school and got my LPN license. I jumped from various EMS agencies and police departments and lived a life of service and fun. My social calendar was always packed. But despite all these, I still felt something was missing.


Settling Right In!

Sister Julie and Sr. Rebeca have settled right into St. Patrick's Manor in Framingham, MA for their six months of Mission experience.  They have been enjoying the weekly evening summer concerts with the residents at the facility.  The musical venues change each week and we have been blessed with some wonderful weather for the concerts.  Our dog, Farley, and our turtle, visited the residents at the concerts as well.

                               Sr. Ann Patricia shows Sr. Julie some dance moves!

                                    Sr. Rebeca enjoys the concert with resident

                                       Residents enjoying an evening concert

                                                     A concert performer

                                                             Our Farley

                                     Even our turtle made an appearance!