The Desert

 I do not fear the desert, For Jesus walked there first.

Behind me and before me, Growing deeper in my thirst.

I still see Him daily, I am grateful for that gift.

For many do not have it, Yet in them He still lives.

Church doors have been shuttered, In an effort to stop the spread.

We live stream Mass in place of it, Our virtual daily bread,

No not virtual- His presence is still real.

He moved beyond technology, To preach, and teach, and heal.

"Dwell with me spiritually", Has become our daily prayer.

Within me and around me, I see Him everywhere.

In the faces of healthcare workers, Who go into the fight.

They do their jobs despite the risk, Into darkness they bring light.

In the smile of a stranger, Hidden behind the mask.

"Love your neighbor as yourself", We are being called to task.

Although we are far from over, An end not soon in sight.

The victory is coming, A future-hopeful and bright.

For now the tomb is sealed, And Jesus is laid away.

But stones don't last forever, Christ has won the day!

Poem: Sister Michelle Elizabeth Marie, O.Carm.

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